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Work with a real estate lawyer who is fast, upfront and responsive.

Our real estate lawyers work around the clock to deliver smooth real estate transactions, along with the best service experience you’ve ever had.

Real estate law is an area of practice where transactions usually flow smoothly.

When things go wrong, however, they can go really wrong. A knowledgeable and competent real estate lawyer can save you future headaches by conducting thorough searches, due diligence, and keeping you informed about the progress of your closing.

Real Estate Lawyers traditionally charge both fees and disbursements to the client. Fees are paid to the lawyer for doing the work, and disbursements are the costs paid on top of that.

Typical disbursements charged by a real estate lawyer include: costs of tax and condo certificates, title insurance, registration fees to the Land Registry office, paper, postage, and courier fees.

We dropped all of them.

Our office aims to keep the fees and transactions as transparent as possible.

Our disbursements will often only be limited to the cost of registering the necessary documents at the registry office.


Call us. We will answer.

Contact us. We will answer.



Our lawyers work around the clock to serve you and our firm emphasizes systems in order to serve you quickly and efficiently.


Our lawyers pride themselves on transparency and will be clear with you about our process and pricing right from the start.


Our lawyers will answer your calls, texts and emails, never leaving you with the feeling “I need help, but I can’t reach my lawyer”

Our Real Estate Lawyers Are Different

Tired of poor communication and customer service?

Poor Communication

We know that real estate lawyers often communicate slowly and ineffectively, failing to keep their clients informed on all aspects of their project, big or small.

Poor Customer Service

We also know that real estate lawyers often deliver a poor customer experience, failing to treat their clients as the most important asset.

You come first with our Ontario real estate lawyers.


Our lawyers pride themselves on being hyper-responsive to your calls, texts and emails making sure that you feel heard and that your project is our only priority.


Our lawyers also pride themselves on always remembering that you, our client, are the #1 focus and that delivering the best service experience is a top priority.


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